Board of Education

Board of Education


Pictured: Laurie McKeveny (OES principal)
and John Crosby (OA BOE member). On
May 20, 2013, McKeveny and Crosby received
appreciation awards for their work with the
Family Reading Partnership of Owego Apalachin.  

Board Documents (Includes New BOE Agendas)

Results from the May 17, 2016 poll:

Proposition 1 - The 2016-2017 OA Budget
PASSED by a vote of 709-385
The 2016-17 budget for OA Schools carries a 3.01 percent increase and contains a tax levy increase of less than 1 percent (0.9).

Proposition 2 - The OA Bus Replacement Program
PASSED by a vote of 763-327
The plan is to purchase three new 70-passenger buses, as well as one 45-passenger wheelchair bus, for an amount not to exceed $510,000.

Proposition 3 - Funding Apalachin Library
PASSED by a vote of 686-400
This will increase taxpayer funding of the library by $20,000, for a total tax of $92,444.

Board of Education Election: Three people ran for two available seats. The top two vote totals won those seats, which each carrying a three-year term:
1. Linda Gretz - 810 votes
2. Gene Cvik - 698 votes
3. Buffie Arhbal - 417 votes


On March 31, Dr. Bill Russell, OA superintendent, delivered the budget presentation for 2016-2017 to the Board of Education at the regular BOE meeting. The budget proposal calls for an increase in the property tax levy of 0.90 percent.

2016-2017 Budget Newsletter

2016-2017 Budget Presentation


2015-2016 Results

Owego Apalachin residents went to the polls Tuesday, May 19, and approved the 2015-2016 district budget by a vote of 638-423 (60% in favor).

They also supported the annual OA Bus Replacement Program, with 66% in favor (total vote count was 700-341, with 20 abstentions).

Voters also favored funding for the Apalachin Library, with 54% voting in support (572-396, with 93 abstentions).

And both incumbents and long-time Board of Education members were re-elected to two seats, each holding a three-year term. John Crosby received 825 votes, while David Barton received 838 votes.

2015-2016 Budget Documents

* DR. BILL RUSSELL'S BUDGET PROPOSAL (Delivered March 26, 2015)
* OA REVENUES 2015-2016 (will be linked shortly - having some linking difficulties)
* OVERVIEW ON OA's FINANCIAL STATUS: Kathy Blackman, CPA, and Controller of the Southern Tier BOCES Central Business Office, gave THIS PRESENTATION to the OA Board of Education at its regular board meeting February 26, 2015.
* OVERVIEW OF BUDGET FACTORS: Dr. Bill Russell, OA superintendent, delivered THIS PRESENTATION, which gives an overview of what the district faces as it begins the 2015-2016 cycle.


OES Brochure: Funding Referendum

OA Voters Approve
2014-15 Budget
OA voters approved the district's budget for 2014-2015 on Tuesday, May 20, with 72 percent in favor (820-316). Voters also said "yes" to the district's annual bus replacement program - 792-336 - and to help fund the Apalachin Library - 692-378.

Three candidates were elected to the Board of Education. They are incumbents Becky Goodrich and Lee Dunham, and Stacey Riegel. Goodrich received the most votes (684), while Riegel had 641 and Dunham had 617. Others receiving votes: Michelle Wilkinson (478), Brian Hart (456) and Jeff Wasyln (77). New BOE members will take office July 1, 2014.

OA Voters Approve
Funding for New OES

Owego Apalachin voters today overwhelmingly approved both propositions for the final funding sources to construct the new Owego Elementary School. The October 22 vote went as follows: Proposition 1, which authorizes the school district to issue serial bonds, passed by a vote of 684-to-170 (or, an 80 percent majority); Proposition 2, which authorizes the school district to expend funds from its capital reserve, passed by a vote of 690-to-166 (or, an 81 percent majority).

OA Voters Approve
2013-14 Budget

The OA Schools budget passed by a 876-393 margin (69% to 31%).

Also, the district's Bus Replacement Program was approved by a vote of 842-428 (66.3% to 33.7%).

The vote to fund the two community libraries was also approved by a 925-322 vote (74.2% to 25.8%).

And filling the two open OA Board of Education seats will be:
* Buffie Arhbal (1,015 votes)
* Gene Cvik, incumbent (974 votes)

2013 Budget Newsletter (click on title)

Absentee Ballots
Absentee ballots are available to qualified school district residents for every vote. In order to qualify for an absentee ballot you must meet all of the district resident requirements listed below:

* Be a citizen of the United States
* Be at least 18 years old
* Be a resident of the OA district for at least 30 days before the vote
* Not be a convicted felon or adjudged by a court to be mentally incompetent (Section 5-106 of Election Law 2012)
* Or, out of town for business or personal reasons on the day of the vote.

A resident who will be out of town on the day of a district vote must request an absentee ballot no later than the day before any scheduled vote. This may be done by mail if the request is made at least seven days prior to the vote. For the voter's convenience, a downloadable application is available on our Web site. Any request less than seven days from the day of the vote must be made in person at Owego Free Academy, 1 Sheldon Guile Blvd., Owego, during regular business hours. All completed and signed absentee ballot applications must be sent via regular mail or delivered in person. Fax or e-mail applications will not be accepted.

In order for an absentee ballot to be valid, the sealed ballot must be received in person no later than the day before the vote, or delivered by United States Postal Service by 5 p.m. the day of the vote to 36 Talcott Street, Owego, New York 13827. All directions on the ballot and the envelope in which the ballot is sealed must be followed exactly for a ballot to be valid.

Please contact Marcy Hill, OA district clerk, by phone at (607) 687-6215, or via e-mail at with questions, or to receive an application by e-mail.

2013-2014 OA Budget Proposal
At the March 21 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Bill Russell, OA superintendent, presented his budget proposal to the BOE. You can view the PowerPoint Budget Proposal by clicking here.

* 2013-2014 Budget Proposal by Object Code


2012 Vote - OA Residents
Approve Budget, Bus Purchase
Voters in the Owego Apalachin district approved a spending plan for the 2012-2013 school year totaling $40,639,767. The vote was 1,179 to 284 (or, 80.6% to 19.4%).

And on OA's bus replacement program, voters approved the purchase of four new buses by a margin of 1,058 to 410 (or, 72.1% to 27.9%).

Elected to the Board of Education were John Crosby and David Barton, both incumbents.

2015-2016 BOE Members

Would you like to run for a seat on the OA Board of Education? Here's a workshop that's available to help you prepare. More information (click here).

(click on a board member's name to send them an e-mail)

DAVID BARTON - President

GENE CVIK - Vice President






COREY GREENOA Superintendent

DANIEL RAFTIS - 2016-2017 Student Representative

Marcy Hill Clerk of the Board (Phone: 607-687-6215)

Upcoming Board Meetings


BOE Meeting

Thu Jan 26 2017

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Thu Feb 9 2017

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Thu Feb 23 2017

BT BOCES Open House

Tue Mar 7 2017

Junior Parent Night

Wed Mar 8 2017

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Thu Mar 9 2017
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