Symphonic Band Grading Procedure

Symphonic Band Grading Procedure

Owego Symphonic Band Grading Procedure


Concert Band Rehearsals (20 points) – The students will be given a grade for their overall performance, behavior, responsibility, and effort during full band rehearsals each grading period.    

Lesson Grades (40 points) – Each student must attend at least 4 lessons per grading period.  Each lesson is worth 10 points – 2 for preparation (arriving on time with their music, ipad, and instrument), 4 for how much they practiced since the last lesson, and 4 points for how well they participate and perform during the lesson (see rubric below).  If a student misses a lesson, there are many make-up times available on the schedule, but it is the responsibility of the student to arrange the make-up lesson with their teacher.  Any lessons not made up by the end of the grading period will result in the student receiving no credit for that lesson.

Final Exam (10 points) – Each student will be required to play a final exam at the end of each grading period.  The final exam will be graded using the rubric below. 

Performance Self-Evaluation (10 points) – The students will evaluate their performance in a small or large ensemble setting once per grading period.  They will use the same rubric as the final exam to grade themselves. 

Written Work (20 points) – Each grading period, the students will be given an assignment that will require them to write about music using appropriate music terminology.  The assignment will be different each grading period. 


Lesson Grade Rubric:






Since their last lesson, the student practiced every day for 15 minutes or every other day for 30 minutes

Since their last lesson, the student practiced every other day for 15 minutes

The student did not practice since their last lesson.


The student performed their assignment with precision and musicality and displayed a strong effort during the lesson.

The student made several mistakes on the assigned material or did not display effort during the lesson.

The student could not perform their assignment and did not show any effort during the lesson.


Final Exam Rubric:






The student demonstrated a characteristic tone with an appropriate embouchure, proper air support and posture, and good intonation. 

The student tone was less than ideal due to an incorrect embouchure, improper air support or posture, or bad intonation.

The student's tone was uncharacteristic of their instrument due to several problems with their embouchure, air support, posture, or intonation.


The student articulated with proper tongue position and observed all markings such as staccato, slur, accent, marcato, and legato.

The student's articulation lacked clarity due to improper tongue position, or did not observe all markings in the music.

The student did not use their tongue to articulate, or did not observe any of the marked articulations.


The student observed the dynamic markings and breathed only between phrases.

The student did not observe all dynamic markings or breathed in the middle of some phrases.

The student did not observe any dynamic markings and breathed in the middle of most phrases.


The student performed the rhythms correctly and kept a steady beat throughout their performance.

The student performed several rhythms incorrectly or had several lapses in the steady beat.

The student played most rhythms incorrectly and did not keep a steady beat throughout their performance.

Note Accuracy

The student played the correct notes and pitches.

The student played several incorrect notes and pitches.

The student played most notes and pitches incorrectly.


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