Thursday February 22, 2018 - CLOSED

Due to the weather, the Owego Apalachin CSD is CLOSED Thursday, February 22, 2018.

Concert Bands

Why Join Band?
Here is what students from our bands might say if you asked them why they joined band:

#1 It is FUN and challenging!
#2 We play music I like!
#3 It is like being on a sports team!
#4 I made great friends in band and my best friends are in band!
#5 I learned how to do something new!
#6 I like being a part of the band!
#7 I can be in the band and jazz band through high school!
#8 I love creating something beautiful!
#9 I love playing in concerts and for my family!
#10 I learned that I can do anything if put my mind to it!
#11 I learned that I am an important member of the band!
#12 I learned how to make music and my friends and I jam outside of class!
But don’t take our word for it, join the band and see for yourself.
It is a question of time, patience, and intelligent work.
~Marcel Moyse

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