Concert Bands

NO Community Swim - Saturday, October 20th

Concert Bands

Why Join Band?
Here is what students from our bands might say if you asked them why they joined band:

#1 It is FUN and challenging!
#2 We play music I like!
#3 It is like being on a sports team!
#4 I made great friends in band and my best friends are in band!
#5 I learned how to do something new!
#6 I like being a part of the band!
#7 I can be in the band and jazz band through high school!
#8 I love creating something beautiful!
#9 I love playing in concerts and for my family!
#10 I learned that I can do anything if put my mind to it!
#11 I learned that I am an important member of the band!
#12 I learned how to make music and my friends and I jam outside of class!
But don’t take our word for it, join the band and see for yourself.
It is a question of time, patience, and intelligent work.
~Marcel Moyse

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