Board of Education

Board of Education


OA's 3-Part Budget

Program - Provides funds for instructional and educational support, computer assisted instruction, guidance, health, co-curricular, and interscholastic sports programs. Provides funds for the purchase of computers, network upgrades, computer enrichment programs, and music programs.

Budget Function

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2019-2020 Proposed Budget

Teaching - Regular School



Programs for Students with disabilities

(Incl. instr. and non instr. staff salaries, equipment, supplies, services, equipment repair, tuition)



Occupational Education



Special Schools



Library and Audio/Visual



Computer Assisted Instruction



Student Support Services



Co-curricular Activities



Interscholastic Athletics






Community Recreation (Pool)



Inter-fund Transfers



Employee Benefits









Capital - Provides funds for the operation and maintenance of the school district’s physical plant, including utilities. Also, includes debt service payments.

Budget Function

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2019-2020 Proposed Budget

Plant Operation & Maintenance



Property Tax Refunds



Employee Benefits



Debt Service



Inter-fund Transfers






Administrative - Provides funds for general management and support activities, including Board of Education, central and financial administration, staff support, central services, and special items. Also included are instructional administration and curriculum development.

Budget Function

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2019-2020 Proposed Budget

Board of Education

(incl. district clerk & district meeting)



Chief School Administrator’s Office

(incl. clerical salary, supplies, conferences, membership dues)



Business Administration Office

(incl. clerical salaries, tax collectors, auditing, legal, PR, supplies)






Unallocated Insurance/Dues



Supervision/Curriculum - Reg School



Central Data Processing & Services






BOCES Admin Costs



Other Administrative Costs



Employee Benefits







Budget Component

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2019-2020 Proposed Budget














Budget Q&A

Jun 6, 7:00 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Welcome to our online Budget Q&A.
Jun 6, 7:00 PM
Guest2857 (Guest)happy to be present
Jun 6, 7:02 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)We're ready for your questions. Feel free to start.
Jun 6, 7:05 PM
Guest2857 (Guest)First, thank you for your efforts in preparing the revised budgets. Secondly, why have we had multiple years of transportation increases to the budgets but have been rewarded with increasing route times for the children?
Jun 6, 7:07 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The route times are limited to the number of drivers and buses available. The increases to transportation are contractual-related (salaries) and also related to bus financing.
Jun 6, 7:08 PM
Sunny2dayWhy is there an increase in teaching costs by $300,000? What are these costs for?
Jun 6, 7:11 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The increase to the Teaching - Regular school is increased salaries.
Jun 6, 7:19 PM
Guest9457 (Guest)Teacher's in our district are paid above the state average. Teachers salaries as measured within the population of the district far outpace all other occupations. How do you justified this increase?
Jun 6, 7:20 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The Teacher salaries are based on their negotiated contracts.
Jun 6, 7:21 PM
Guest9457 (Guest)Is the district trying to renegotiate these contracts?
Jun 6, 7:22 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The contracts are typically up for negotiation every 3-4 years.
Jun 6, 7:24 PM
Guest9457 (Guest)With the revised budget cutting programs for kids first, can the district rely this to the teachers and ask them to promote programs instead of personal earnings?
Jun 6, 7:25 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The revised budget has reduced equipment, materials, supplies, and summer curriculum development.
Jun 6, 7:26 PM
Guest3508 (Guest)I keep hearing about the possibility that youth groups might not be able to use the school for things if this budget doesn't pass. I have kids who are involved with different groups who have been using buildings/fields for things
Jun 6, 7:30 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)That is correct, one of the areas that would be affected by a contingency budget would be the free use of district facilities for individual groups such as youth sports organizations, boy/girls scouts, pool use, etc.. They would still be able to use the facility, but they would be charged a fee.
Jun 6, 7:33 PM
Guest8213 (Guest)How much does the district plan on making by this new method of facility use?
Jun 6, 7:35 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The district would most likely charge only the cost associated with the facility use. It would include all over-head cost related to the event scheduled.
Jun 6, 7:38 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Understand that this is NYS Law, this is not something that the district has the choice to do under a contingency budget. The district would prefer not to charge our guests to use our facilities, however, we must follow NYS law. This would hurt the district in that we encourage the use of our facilities to outside organizations, especially youth organizations.
Jun 6, 7:49 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)checking in
Jun 6, 7:50 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)why is there no sound?
Jun 6, 7:50 PM
Guest504 (Guest)Please hyperlink the NYS Law you are referencing for us to review.
Jun 6, 7:51 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)We will find that and post the link.
Jun 6, 7:52 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)There is no sound, just an online chat.
Jun 6, 7:56 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)Is there a way for you to be specific when you talk about budget cuts/additions?
Jun 6, 7:56 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Do you mean in order to reduce the levy?
Jun 6, 7:57 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)There are too many generalities when referencing the budget.
Jun 6, 7:59 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)Yes, in order to reduce the tax levy.
Jun 6, 8:00 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)In order to reduce the tax levy, the following budget lines were decreased: equipment, materials,supplies, and summer curriculum development.
Jun 6, 8:04 PM
Guest5960 (Guest)Yes, I know. But WHAT SPECIFICALLY are you referring to? What equipment? What materials? what supplies? WHAT does summer curriculum development MEAN? This is exactly what Im talking about.
Jun 6, 8:06 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Specific lines were cut in maintenance and operations, and instructional supplies. Summer Curriculum development is the cost for teachers to do curriculum work over the summer.
Jun 6, 8:07 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Thank you everyone for your questions. If you have more questions, we will be holding multiple public information sessions over the next week. The dates, times and locations are listed here:
Jun 13, 5:33 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)Welcome! We are live and accepting questions related to the school budget.
Jun 13, 5:40 PM
Guest8759 (Guest)Looking for clarification on the summer programs that was just announced and why they aren't open and why budget vote matters?
Jun 13, 5:41 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The new budget year begins July 1, 2019, and therefore the funds to support this summer enrichment courses come from the 2019-2020 school budget.
Jun 13, 5:44 PM
SMastersonWhy are there cuts being made to the special ed program? We moved here for this program , yet it’s losing funding according to the proposal. Yet athletics is getting more funding ... as parent with a child in special ed and receiving services this is really infuriating. We have to pick which of our kids suffer the one that needs the extra help or the three that love sports. It’s disheartening to say the least.
Jun 13, 5:48 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The largest reduction in the special education line is due to students aging-out of high-cost residential placements. Also, students have moved around inside of different BOCES programs, which causes the costs to reduce, however those services have stayed consistent. The district will certainly continue to meet the needs of our special education students.
Jun 13, 5:55 PM
Guest6459 (Guest)I just want to understand if I’m figuring this correctly. From a simple mathematic perspective, if my school taxes were $1500 last year and they will now be increased another 2.83% (hoping the budget passes)this is only $42.45 increase for the year. Am I understanding that correctly?
Jun 13, 6:01 PM
OA_Schools (Admin)The 2.83% is an increase on the total tax levy. If the school passes the budget at that rate, taxes are then calculated by the town/county using state provided equalization rates. This means that your tax bill increase may not be equal to 2.83%, it could be more or could be less depending on your specific town and the equalization rates. Your example would be an average case. Thank you for your question, we get that question often.


The Board of Education voted to revise the 2019-2020 budget during their meeting on Thursday, May 30th. The BOE unanimously passed a motion to lower the tax levy to 2.83%. 


The district will release all new budget information in the coming days.

The statewide revote date is Tuesday, June 18th. District polls will be open from Noon - 8:00 P.M. at Apalachin Elementary School and Owego Apalachin Middle School.  (The OAMS lobby will be used for this vote instead of OFA, due to regents testing taking place in OFA that day.)

A revised budget newsletter will be posted to our website and mailed directly to district residents.


A public hearing on the budget will take place on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00 P.M. in the BOE room at the district office.  

Media Coverage on the Board Meeting and the decision to lower the tax levy to 2.83%:


(TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019) 


Spectrum News Southern Tier story on workshop: / Press & Sun-Bulletin article on workshop:

Glossary of Budget Terms

Click this link to see a full list of budget terms with definitions to help walk you through the budget process a little easier!
Prospective Board members are encouraged to attend the workshop hosted by Broome Tioga BOCES in March. Please contact the District Clerk, 687-7307 x7021 to sign up. 


Marcy Hill
Clerk of the Board
Phone: 607-687-6215

Voter Information

Polls Open: May 19, 2020 from Noon-8:00PM at Apalachin Elementary School (405 Pennsylvania Ave., Apalachin) and Owego Apalachin Middle School (3 Sheldon Guile Blvd., Owego). If you have questions on your polling location, please contact the business office at 687-6215.

You are eligible to vote if you are 18 years of age as of May 19, 2020, and have lived in the OA School District for a minimum of 30 days prior to the day of the vote. You do not need to be registered with the Board of Elections, however you must present a Valid Photo ID.
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