Health & Safety Reopening

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Health & Safety Reopening


New York State has launched an online dashboard so you can access it and easily see if there are any positive COVID-19 cases at your school or district.

New York State is requiring every school district to report the number of tests taken, the type of tests they are, and what the results are every day. Those numbers will be posted on the dashboard by the state so you can look up the numbers for your school or district.

The dashboard shows the numbers for students and staff, and if they were doing in-person, remote, or hybrid learning. The information will come from school districts, health departments, and the labs that are doing the testing.

You can access the online dashboard here:  

NYS COVID-19 School Report Card

OACSD Transportation Director, Tony Quaranta, spoke with School Transportation News about the district's transportation changes for the 2020-2021 school year:  New York State Aims to Get School Buses Back to Work


Tony Quaranta, OA Administrator  
Tammy Garafano, OA Transportation Staff
Diane Hann, OA Transportation Staff
Jim Miller, OA Transportation Staff
Rose Winters, OA Transportation Staff
Erin Nichols, OA Transportation Staff
Mike Simmons, Tioga County Director of Emergency Services
Ron Bieber, OA Administrator
Jason Horton, OA Staff
Callie Kavelski
Joe Dicosimo, OA Administrator
Sandy Phillips, OA Food Service
Brian McCoy, BTBOCES Food Service
Julie Raway, BTBOCES Food Service
Emily Crawford, OA Administrator
Diane Tavelli, OA Administrator
Koren Rubino, OA Faculty
Nick Waslyn, OA Student            
Evee Coleman, OA Student
Ashlee Marsh, OA Faculty
Kathie Rollison, OA BOE Member
Tom Bronk, OA Parent
Jen Chandler, OA Staff
Curt Thomas, OA Staff
Andy Buchsbaum, OA Administrator
Dr. Phykitt, District Physician
Karen Carr, OA Nurse
Shelly Jenkins-Perestam, OA Nurse
Toni Skiff, OA Nurse
Steve Virkler, OA Faculty
Cole Lewis, UHS Athletic Trainer
Jay Hubbard, UHS Athletic Trainer
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