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OAMS Guidance

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As  school counselors, we work with students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to help everyone achieve their full potential. We assist students in the areas of academic and career planning, in addition to addressing personal/social concerns.

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Cindy Patrick - patrickc@oacsd.org 
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School Counselors:
Katharine Warren - warrenk@oacsd.org
6th - 8th grades:  A-K (student last names)
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Heather Kotulakotulah@oacsd.org
6th - 8th grades: L- Z (student last names)
                  Phone: (607 )687-7302 ext. 2062 

Owego Apalachin Middle School

6th Grade Supply List

2018- 2019


Academic Courses:

Each academic area will vary in supply requirements.

Please do not bring every supply listed the first day (it is too much to carry and organize).

You can bring supplies throughout the year when needed.

You should bring the following items with you the first day:

  • Lots of pencils, pens, and cap erasers. Keep some at home to have for the entire year.

  • 2 pocket plastic folder for homework. On the inside, label one side Take Home and the other side Bring Back.

  • Earbuds for school equipment use (especially for ipad use). You can purchase these at the Dollar Store. Please leave them in your locker at school.

  • Stylus for ipad use. Dollar store brand is acceptable.

  • Students need to come to school with their iPad charged.



By Subject:



No paper supplies

All material for class will be on the school issued iPad.



(1) 1½ inch 3 ring binder

(1) 8 Pack of subject dividers for binder

(1)  Pack of lined paper

(1)Texas Instruments Calculator TI-30XA


(2) Composition notebooks

(2) 2 Pocket folders with fasteners

Sticky Notes


Social Studies:

(1) 2 pocket folder



Special Area Courses:


P.E. 6:          

Locks are provided by the school. Please DO NOT purchase your own. There is a fee at the end of the school year if the lock is not returned.


Personal hygiene products

Sneakers that tie

Dress code appropriate athletic attire (shorts and a T-shirt)

Bathing suit and towel for swim unit

Students must change for P.E.  They do not shower. 


Art 6:            

#2 Pencils and a set of earbuds.


Health & Consumer Science 6:        



Band 6:*

Working instrument and needed accessories (reeds, valve oil etc.) OA supplies low brass, oboe, and bassoon.


(1) 2 pocket folder (any color).

Concert attire listed below.


6th Grade Chorus: *          

Students must bring a pencil and their iPad to class every day

(1) 2 pocket folder (any color)


*Concert attire required for concerts:

White dress shirt or blouse

Black dress pants/black skirt (must be below the knee)

Black closed-toe shoes

Ties are encouraged for gentlemen, but optional    

Students can borrow attire. See Ms. Gould if needed.




General Music 6:              

(1) 2 Pocket folder

(1) Pencil to be kept in folder

(Folder and pencil will be kept in the music room)

Technology 6:  

Will give students a supply list, if needed, the 1st day of class.


Band- Must be in Band in 5th grade to continue in 6th grade. Band students can also take chorus.

Band and Chorus lists have been given to OAMS by the 5th grade Band/Chorus teachers.

NOTE –  Students who do not take Band or Chorus take General Music.



7th and  8th Grade Supply List

2018- 2019


Teacher's will inform you during your first few days of class as to what supplies you will need.   


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