School Bus

REMINDER: Transportation Request Form

Thank you to those who have already submitted your 2021-2022 Transportation Request. 

This is just a quick reminder that we are in need of a response, regardless of your transportation needs. 

The Deadline to submit responses on this form is Friday, August 13th.

In order to develop the most accurate bus routes for our students, we are asking families to fill out and submit the following form, indicating whether or not each student in your family will be in need of transportation for the start of the school year. Please read the instructions carefully and submit accordingly. Getting a response from as many families as possible will greatly increase the accuracy when developing bus routes. This will lead to more accurate and consistent bus schedules for all students. There is also a place in the form to indicate that your student DOES NOT need transportation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have questions regarding Transportation for the upcoming school year, or your request does not fall into the parameters given in the form, please call the transportation office at 687-7305 and they’ll be happy to assist you over the phone. 

Transportation Request Submission Form