Dear OA Families,

NY State Dept of Health (NYSDOH) and Tioga County Public Health (TCPH) have updated their guidance this week.  We anticipate ongoing updates and changes, and will continue to communicate with you as we receive them.  Here is a summary of key points.  Updates will also be posted to our district website under the health services page.

  • NYSDOH has adopted the CDC guidelines for Isolation & Quarantine. TCPH will issue the new 5 day isolation orders for individuals (including students/staff) that meet the criteria outlined in the guidance: NYS Updated Guidance 1/4/22

  • NYSDOH is suspending contact tracing, including schools.

✔ This means moving forward TCPH will not issue a public health order to close contacts of a positive case. They will advise cases to notify their contacts of their status.

✔ The only caveat to this would be household contacts.  This would be communicated by TCPH.

  • Any individual testing positive with an Over-The-Counter or At-Home Test will need to self-report the test here

✔  Individuals will receive TCPH communication following a self-reported positive test.

✔   Families should also notify the school nurse of this positive test result.

  • The Mask Mandate remains in effect under the current order by Governor Hochul.  

✔  We are reminding all students, staff, and school visitors to please continue to have a mask and wear it properly when indoors or on a bus.

  • As a general rule, students should not attend school if not feeling well or experiencing COVID-symptoms.

✔ If sent home symptomatic, students will still need a negative test (at-home or lab confirmed) in order to return to school. 

✔ At-home tests will be provided by the district, upon request.

Additional guidance from the CDC for schools is expected in the coming days. NYSDOH & TCPH will review that guidance when it becomes available.   We will update families as new guidance becomes available and is approved locally.  We appreciate your continued patience and support as we navigate this pandemic.

#OA Together