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The student committee has reviewed potential mascot names submitted by the school community. You can read all names submitted by clicking the Feedback & Suggestions Image to the right.

The committee narrowed down those responses and conducted several polls. They reviewed the data and comments and created a final poll with Mustangs, Ospreys, and River Hawks as possible new mascot names.

Results from that Poll are shown below.

If you have other questions please contact us through Let's Talk!

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On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, the New York State Board of Regents voted unanimously to ban the use of Indigenous mascots, nicknames, and imagery by the state's school districts.  This was the official vote on the directive that the New York State Department of Education sent to all districts on November 17, 2022, followed up with more information on December 1, 2022.

During this time, the district has collected significant stakeholder feedback and questions while forming committees to navigate the process and regulations.  A joint stakeholder committee met last night to discuss the latest updates and plan how the district will comply with the regulations.

A specific timeline of events will still need to be completed, but here is where we are currently:

  • The NYS Board of Regents decision made on April 18th will be a permanent rule as of May 3rd.

  • Districts must commit to replacing their Native American name, logo, and/or imagery by the end of the 2022-23 academic year.

  • Districts have until the end of the 2024-2025 academic year to remove and replace names, logos, and/or imagery.

As we move forward, two committees will be working simultaneously to achieve the following:

A student group from Owego Free Academy will guide the process to comply with the regulation.  The student committee will continue seeking feedback from all stakeholders and present proposals to the Board of Education and the school community soon.  

Our community stakeholder committee will focus on how to respectfully remember and honor our district's history within the regulations and continue to teach the historical significance of our area to current and future OA students.

Please reach out using Let's Talk! with any questions here: https://www.oacsd.org/page/lets-talk.

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Documents & Resources

The articles, links, and information below have been submitted to the school district by community members, along with their thoughts and feedback. The district will share all resources for the public to review during the discussion.

Onondaga Nation -Haudenosaunee Statement On Mascots

Federal Register

How many tribes are there in New York State?

There are eight federally recognized Indian tribes in New York State. They are:

  • Cayuga Nation of Indians

  • Oneida Indian Nation of New York

  • Onondaga Indian Nation

  • St. Regis Mohawk Tribe

  • Seneca Nation of Indians

  • Shinnecock Tribe

  • Tonawanda Band of Seneca

  • Tuscarora Nation


11/22/22  Statement from Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation Representative, in Response to New York State Removing Native American Mascots in Schools  https://www.oneidaindiannation.com/statement-from-ray-halbritter-oneida-indian-nation-representative-and-founder-of-change-the-mascot-campaign-in-response-to-new-york-state-removing-native-american-mascots-in-schools/

05/25/22  Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council statement in support of New York State bill banning Native Mascots

October 2013 Nation Congress of American Indians' - Ending the Legacy of Racism in Sports & the Era of Harmful "Indian" Sports Mascots.  https://www.ncai.org/attachments/PolicyPaper_mijApMoUWDbjqFtjAYzQWlqLdrwZvsYfakBwTHpMATcOroYolpN_NCAI_Harmful_Mascots_Report_Ending_the_Legacy_of_Racism_10_2013.pdf  

More from the NCAI is here:  https://www.ncai.org/proudtobe.

National Congress of American Indians Position on American Indian Sports Mascots April 20, 2009

Native American Guardian's Association - Eagle Press March 18, 2021

2009 National Indian Education Association resolution calling "for the immediate elimination of race-based Indian logos, mascots, and names from educational institutions throughout the Nation."   http://aistm.org/2009niea.htm

May 2021 New York Association of School Psychologists Position Statement on the Rights and Autonomy of Indigenous Persons calling for "an immediate end to the use of Indigenous symbols as mascots for schools and school-associated sports teams."

2001 Statement of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Use of Native American Images and Nicknames as Sports Symbols https://aistm.org/fr.usccr.htm

2005 American Psychological Association Summary of the APA Resolution Recommending Retirement of American Indian Mascots

The Psychosocial effects of Native American Mascots - June 8, 2020