“I want to see myself become a better person through my experience with high school football.” The game means more to Dominick Mahonski than just X’s and O’s. Learn more on Showcase Sports TV: https://showcasesportstv.com/4-questions-dominick-mahonski/ @OFAAthletics1 #OAPride
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OA Athletics Schedule
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OA REMINDER: Help support the Owego Free Academy Cross Country program tomorrow, Thursday, September 15th by ordering dinner from BLAZE Pizza on the Vestal Parkway. Get more info here: https://5il.co/1hzlm @OFAAthletics1 l @OFA_Sports_BC l @OFA_XC #OACommunity #OAPride
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Cross Country Fundraiser
OA UPDATE: The Harlem Wizards return to OFA on October 2nd. Support the OES & AES parent groups and have fun at the game. Click here for more info: https://5il.co/1hyuf. Purchase tickets here: https://harlemwizards.thundertix.com/events/202355 #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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Harlem Wizards Flyer
“That’s when I realized I was going to love the game.” Kyle Riegel’s passion for soccer is evident when he answers 4 Questions on Showcase Sports TV: https://showcasesportstv.com/4-questions-kyle-riegel/ @OFAAthletics1 l @OFA_Sports_BC l @owego_soccer #OACommunity #OAPride
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OA Athletics Schedule
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OA Families, Registration is open for Owego Youth Field Hockey. Click here for more information: https://5il.co/1hwxn #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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Owego Youth Field Hockey
“If you do something wrong here, it can be dangerous.” Tyler Krom learned the importance of a job well done in the Building Trades class and applied lessons to his own home. Watch more on Showcase Arts TV: https://showcaseartstv.com/ofa-student-profile-tyler-krom/ #OAPride
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OA Athletics Schedule
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A young Owego football team hopes their hard work during the summer pays off this fall. Watch a season preview on Showcase Sports TV: https://showcasesportstv.com/ofa-football-season-preview/ @OFAAthletics1 l @OFA_Sports_BC l @oafootballclub1 #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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OAMS Reminder: Pictures are September 29th & 30th. Photos are taken during PE Class. The 29th is an Odd Day, & the 30th is an Even Day for planning purposes. The order form with more information is here: https://5il.co/1htuv. Students will also be given one to bring home.
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Picture Day
With lofty goals for his football career, it’s a good thing Steven Bidwell likes to hit. He answers some not-so-hard-hitting 4 Questions on Showcase Sports TV: https://showcasesportstv.com/4-questions-steven-bidwell/ @OFAAthletics1 l @OFA_Sports_BC #OACommunity #OAPride
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“You can read about it, but you never know how hard it is until you drive them.” Taking the Heavy Equipment class has given Noah Ayers a clearer vision of what his future might be. Watch this Student Profile on Showcase Arts: https://showcaseartstv.com/student-profile-noah-ayers/
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The defending sectional champion Owego boys soccer team plans to bring it to the competition as they try to advance further this year. Watch a Showcase Sports season preview: https://showcasesportstv.com/ofa-boys-soccer-season-preview/ @OFAAthletics1 l @owego_soccer #OAPride
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Good Evening OA School Community, We hope everyone is just as excited as we are for the first day of school tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7th, 2022. Some last-minute reminders and updates: Transportation - https://www.oacsd.org/page/transportation Please be patient with OA Transportation tomorrow and for the first few days. Bus route timing always needs to be ironed out, and first-day excitement, photos, and more also cause delays. Families can track bus routes by using the Versatrans MyStop App. Food Service - https://www.rockoncafe.org/owego-apalachin_home.aspx Any money students have on breakfast/lunch accounts stays in that student's account. The change to EZ School Pay will be the new way for families to check balances and add funds. If your child doesn’t have funds in their account, they will still be able to get their meals. Each account will maintain the balance due, and a deduction will be made once funds are added. Students can pay with cash at any time. Apply for Free/Reduced Meals. Applications can be mailed by request. Athletics - https://www.oacsd.org/page/athletics Modified sports begin tomorrow. Practice and game times are located on Schedule Galaxy. Welcome Back video message from OACSD Superintendent Green: https://youtu.be/YKBa6R2O0uI Please contact your child’s building directly with any questions or use Let’s Talk! to ensure the appropriate district personnel receive your message and can provide you with an answer. #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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OA Logo
OA UPDATE: The district's food service department, Rock On Cafe, is moving to EZ School Pay for student meal accounts. As a new district using EZ School Pay, we've been notified that families won't be able to see or access OACSD on the app or website until sometime next week. Details on EZ School Pay can be found here: https://5il.co/1fki0. The free/reduced meal application and other food service information can be found here: https://www.oacsd.org/article/808363. Breakfast and Lunch menus can be found in the dining section on our app and website for each school building and on the main Food & Nutrition page on our website. The menu for September is available now: https://www.rockoncafe.org/owego-apalachin_home.aspx Please use Let’s Talk! for any questions you may have. Select Food & Nutrition as your topic here: https://www.oacsd.org/o/ae/page/lets-talk #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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Food Service Updates 2022
EZ School Pay Info
OA REMINDER: The OA Mobile App is everything Owego Apalachin CSD in your pocket. Access documents, news updates, event calendars, breakfast and lunch menus, and never miss emergency notifications. Download the app on Android or iPhone today. #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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 OA App Info Poster
OA App Notifications Poster
OA UPDATE: The Transportation Department mailed postcards home with Bus Route information for the 2022-2023 school year. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a card that looks like this: https://5il.co/ye40. If you haven’t completed the Transportation Needs Survey, please do so here: https://forms.gle/4qxvbMFBMQxk2X389. Families using district transportation should also download the Versatrans MyStop Bus Tracking App. Versatrans My Stop® is a mobile app that allows parents to track their student's bus locations and arrival times and receive notifications on delays, breakdowns, and other pertinent information. Get more information on downloading and using the MyStop App here: https://5il.co/w7kj. Contact OA Transportation directly at (607) 687-7305 with any questions when offices reopen on Tuesday, 9/6. Or any time using Let’s Talk! here: https://www.oacsd.org/page/lets-talk. #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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OA Bus
Transportation Postcard
MyStop App Info
Transportation Hiring Flyer
UPDATE: SchoolTool Parent Portal Accounts SchoolTool Parent Portal accounts were created at approximately 1PM today, August 31st. Many parents received their account creation email, while others did not. We found that the email server in SchoolTool failed to send some of the emails. If you did not receive an email, an account may still have been created for you. Before requesting a new account, please go to the SchoolTool Parent Portal Log-in Page: https://sms5.scric.org/OwegoApalachin/Default.aspx and use the 'Forgot My Password' link. Type in your email, and you should receive a new password. If you do NOT receive a password reset email after using the 'Forgot My Password' link, please request a Parent Portal Account by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/mEfZJUD5YEhfKEoN7 Thank you.
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OA REMINDER: Owego Apalachin Middle School will hold 6th Grade Orientation tonight, Wednesday, August 31, at 6:00 pm. Get more information here: https://5il.co/1gqm8. Contact the OAMS Main Office at (607) 687-7302 with any questions. Or reach out through Let's Talk! here: https://www.oacsd.org/page/lets-talk #OACommunity #OAPride #OATradition
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OAMS 6th Grade Orientation Info